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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the leading IT certification in the world with more than 1 million exams are taken every year in over 140 countries.
MOS certification exams have utilized performance-based testing technology for years and this certification led the IT industry in performance-based testing.
The new exams improve upon previous live-in-the-application testing environment by enabling even more real-world functionality and project and standards-based outcome testing.
This certification helps you to demonstrate that you have good knowledge, skills and abilities to productively use Microsoft Office. MOS enables you to tap the full features and functionality of the Microsoft Office system, resulting in heightened levels of individual performance, confidence, and differentiation.

  • Validate the digital literacy skills required in today’s academic and work environments
  • Recognized globally as the standard for digital literacy
  • Establishes a strong foundation for additional certifications
  • (IC3) should be of great value to anyone involved in the digital world. It sets the foundation of knowledge that empowers students, employees, and entrepreneurs to succeed in environments that encompass the use of computers and the Internet.
  • An IC3 Certification will give you a clear advantage to be recognized as someone with the skills and talent needed to work effectively with the latest computer and Internet technology.
  • Demonstrate their expertise with basic computer skills and add value to the workplace.

IC³ Global Standard 4 (GS4)

The IC³ Global Standard 4, GS4, is the most recent IC³ digital literacy standard.

A. IC³ GS4 also addresses the newest concepts in digital literacy, such as social media, collaboration, digital devices, research fluency, cloud computing, and critical thinking to the certification. Like previous IC³ standards, IC³ GS4 aligns to the ISTE NETS-S standard and is also approved by the American Council on Education (ACE).

The IC³ GS4 exams align to Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7.

IC³ Global Standard 3

Whether using a voucher, inventory or site license, these exams will automatically appear in the usual manner (same as other exams).

Practice tests are under development and will be available later in 2011.

The new exams are based on Microsoft Windows 7 / Office 2010. The original IC³ GS3 and 2007 exams are based on Microsoft Windows Vista / Office 2007. The IC³ 2005 exams are based on Microsoft Windows XP / Office 2003. The IC³ 2003 exams are based on Microsoft Windows XP / Office XP.

Absolutely. We encourage people to stay up to date on their technology skills by taking the new exams. We especially encourage teachers or IC³ instructors to take the new exams to ensure that they are aware of changes that have occurred within the standard.

Candidates who take and pass the IC³ Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online exams will receive their IC³ certification regardless of what standard those exams are in. For example, a candidate that has taken and passed IC³ 2005 Computing Fundamentals, IC³ 2007 Key Applications, and IC³ GS3 Living Online will receive an IC³ certificate.

IC Citizen

IC CITIZEN Certification is the first of its kind in the world that promotes appropriate use of technology, in response to the growing need to raise a generation of responsible and safe digital citizens. This unique yet universal certification program aims to impart Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) that lays down rules of acceptable ‘netiquette’ or behavior that must be applied when operating digital devices and accessing the Internet within a society.

IC CITIZEN subscribes to the ideaof Netizen, a concept coined by **Michael Hauben(1992) to describe an Internet user who possesses a sense of civic responsibility for her or his virtual community in much the same way citizens who feel responsible for a physical community. Netizens have a responsibility to ensure that social customs are adhere to. Netizenship defines a social membership and is used to describe people who care about the use of the Internet and work towards building the cooperative and collective nature which benefits the larger world.

To produce skilled and knowledgeable Netizens on the Information Superhighway.

The IC CITIZEN exam has to a 60-minute time limit and consists of 45 multiple-choice questions.