Engineers CAD Centre
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1.Infrastructure: Minimum Space Required : 300 sq.ft.
2.Faculty: Qualification of the faculties should be appropriate with the course. Teaching Qualification must be obtained from an institute, which is recognized by a Council or by a University. Qualification obtained from an institute which is not Affiliated / Recognized to any Council or University will not be considered valid for Appointment as faculty.
3.Equipment: Minimum 4 computer required.
4.Courses: List of courses are available in the Council’s website Apart from these courses, there are some courses for which syllabi have been prepared by centers and those syllabi are duly approved by this Council. Courses on any field, which have potential for employment / self-employment in an area are also accepted. Centers may forward such courses along with a copy of syllabus to this Council for approval and affiliation.
5.Class hours: Total class hours for every course is available in the Council’s website Out of which 80% will be Practical classes and 20% will be Theoretical classes.
6.Affiliation fee: Affiliation fee of Rs.25,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand only).
Normally affiliation is granted for two years if otherwise there is no specific
reason. Renewal of affiliation fee is Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only) per year.
7.Service Charge: Service Charge @ 15% of the total course fee as collected from the students is to be paid to this Council within the stipulated date.
8.Registration Fee : Registration Fee @ Rs.250/- for each student is to be paid to the Council for Registration within the stipulated date.
9. Examination Fee : Examination Fee @ Rs.350/- for each student is to be paid to the Council for Registration within the stipulated date.